How CJ Suppression’s Founder Ensured a Win-Win Acquisition with Fortis Fire & Safety

James “J” Moyer knows fire safety. Starting as an entry-level pipe fabricator in 1987, he learned every aspect of the industry before founding CJ Suppression in 1996. After nearly 30 years as owner, Moyer considered the future and was approached by Fortis Fire & Safety about an acquisition. He found comfort in the support Fortis could provide in running his business.

The decision was emotional for Moyer, but he ensured that everyone involved would benefit and that the company culture would allow everyone to thrive. Fortis Fire & Safety’s nationwide presence offered his team opportunities for growth and access to additional resources. Moyer sold his company to Fortis and stayed on as president of CJ Suppression, remaining integral to the company’s fabric. Fortis aligned with his goals, whether it was retirement, semi-retirement, or continuing in a leadership role.

Moyer appreciated Fortis’s commitment to maintaining smooth business operations and continuously enhancing processes. The collective efforts of the Fortis team are focused on fostering growth and delivering exceptional customer service. For Moyer, acquisitions with Fortis are about more than making deals; they prioritize relationships, driving business and building a nationwide powerhouse in fire protection.

If you’re an owner of a fire protection company, consider how an acquisition with Fortis Fire & Safety might benefit both you and your team.

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