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Autumn seems to have arrived on time this year. And as the days get shorter and the temperature falls, it is a top priority to keep ourselves warm. For many of us, it is a daunting, and expensive, task warming up a large space. This idea has been replaced with the use of a space heater, a smaller version of a heating system specifically for small spaces. But there are things you need to keep in mind to remain warm – and safe. After all, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that nearly 1700 residential fires every year are due to space heaters, and 81% the cause of house fires caused by heat.

As a general rule of thumb, electric space heaters are typically safer than portable fuel-burning models. Choose a unit that is labeled by a nationally recognized testing laboratory to ensure that the heater meets voluntary safety standards. Overuse, accidentally knocked over by a pet, and faulty wires are just a few examples that could cause your heater to malfunction and unnecessarily cause a fire.

When setting up, keep it at least 36 inches from any flammable or combustible materials and place it on the floor, unless it is designed otherwise. Do not put them directly on rugs and carpets or use them to dry wet clothing.

When using a fuel-fired space heater in an enclosed area, it is a good idea to leave a window or door partially open to allow for fresh air to enter to help prevent carbon monoxide (CO) buildup or a depletion of oxygen. If you smell gas anywhere near your heater, do not attempt to light it. A spark could ignite the gas.

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